Honey Glaze was the perfect little girl. She obeyed her father, played with her toys and never went outside. She was 30 years old. Then her father, who is a secret agent, is killed by spies. Sheltered all her life, Honey determines to grow up quickly, join the secret service and avenge her father's death as she faces her enemey, Dr. Sum Thaim. Spy stories don't get any sillier than this!


It's the 1960's. Local programming thrives as TV stations create shows for their viewing public. Suddenly the ""horror host"" becomes a nationwide presence on the airwaves as old horror and sci-fi movies are released to television. Dr. Dreck and Moaner go on the air in the small town of Fibbia, Mass. They incur the wrath of the station's grand dame, Louise Morgan, when the popularity of their show pushes her show off the air. So Louise gets nasty. But Dr. Dreck and Moaner can get nastier. Because they are what they really seem to be; a mad scientist and a zombie! Extras: interviews, photos, bloopers, free ""spook specs"" enclosed to view ""27 Spooks"" sequence.


Sideshow Cinema strikes again with another ridiculous comedy feature! A psychopath known as the "Bow Tie Killer" terrorizes the area as he ruthlessly kills young women. A pair of lurid lovers take advantage of the killer's MO to enact two murders of their own; dispose of their respective spouses. However, they've made a big mistake. They've incurred the wrath of the real Bow Tie Killer. And now they will set off a series of murders they can't control. Because they're stupid. A wickedly funny "giallo" movie from the makers of "The Dungeon of Dr. Dreck.". "My Mouth Lies Screaming might be the most erotic screwball comedy I have ever seen. I also like how this is such a small, insulated film. While it takes place in a small town, you see very little of the denizens of the town. You get the main characters, a couple peripheral people that are on and off camera in a wink and that’s really it. It gives an unworldly, bizarre feel to the movie that actually helps it have more of an impact than your usual flick." Gunaxin "And as with any Mike Legge movie there's plenty of quirky humor and funny lines like when Evelyn turns to her lover and says "I thought murder would bring us closer together". MY MOUTH LIES SCREAMING is a good solid giallo spoof. And you know what they say--"There's always room for giallo". Buried.com



A blast from the past from Sideshow Cinema! Finding out that suicide is more complicated than you think is the theme of these two dark comedies. In Curtains a distraught man finds out what Limbo is really like as he hears the life stories from his fellow travelers. Potential Sins examines the birthday party from Hell when the guest of honor decides to off himself!